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A Land Lease sets out both parties obligations and provides useful legal protection. Leasing is appealing to farmers on many levels. Landowners who do not wish to farm the land are happy to lease their lands to active farmers who wish to expand their production.

The landowners may have recently retired or inherited the land, and may not wish to farm the land, and it is of interest to an active farmer who would like to farm the land, but does not want to bear the high costs of purchasing the land.


Our farm has many years of experience in all phases of farming and our customer focused approach makes the landscape experience just that, an experience.


A lease document is a written legal agreement between a lessor (the landowner or landlord) and a lessee (the active farmer or tenant).The lease sets out the obligations of both parties during the period of the lease, providing useful legal protection to all parties. The lease must be signed by both parties. Signatures on the lease must be witnessed by an independent person or persons.