Missao Demba Municipio Damba , Provincia Do Uige
Mon-Sat: 06:00 - 17:00

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Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper equipment. All employees wear a company uniform. We takecare your requirements and the property.
Yes, we are fully licensed. We hold all the required and necessary licenses for a landscaping company. We are registered company in Angola and we follow the governments rules and regulations.
We have the highest percentage of certified landscapers in the country. We also have a certified professional staff. Our staff always consult with you before making any changes.
We try to schedule our business clients early in the week and our residential clients are scheduled Monday to Friday. we always prior your need and requirements.
Anyone who truly wants a nice farming and landscape with the true value of caring for a beautiful home and property. You can contact us directly and we give you good advice.